6 Awesome things you can do in you iPhone in 2019 | Phone Hacks

1.Shake you phone to undo and redo it

When to type a long message and want to delete it all of a sudden, just shake your phone to undo it. Or when you want to delete a single character but you end up deleting the whole passage shake again to redo it.

2.Deleting a character in Calculator

Typed a extra digit in calculator when you are in a hurry?
Swipe from left to right over the number to delete the characters one by one

3.Quick Shot

All those times when you need to take a quick short without unlocking the screen. Swipe left from the lock screen or swipe down from the notification tab and select camera option to take a quick snap.

4.Charge your phone twice the speed

With the airplane mode you can double the speed of charging your phone.

5.Create your own vibration pattern

Setting > Sound > Ringtones > Vibration > New Vibration Here you can tap the screen according to you rhythm to set a new vibration mode according to your liking.

6.Set quick Alarm with Siri

No need to hover around the clock checking AM/PM etc. Simply say “Hey Siri, Wake me in ‘X. Hours’ and you are done.

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