7 Charging Mistakes that you are doing already

You are charging your phone more than 100 %:
What smartphone users usually do is, using their smartphone until it notifies to charge when the battery hits below 10 per cent or shuts off because there is no more charge left in it. In this case, if you charge more than its already charged, then the life span of your battery gets decreased. Because sometimes the battery may get heated while getting charge due to an increase in voltage. These batteries are basically designed to perform in between 30 and 80 per cent. Sometimes, it may drain your battery for simple usage.

You allow your phone to die as the battery is getting worse:-
When your phone is charged for the whole night, then the battery will be affected due to continuous charging. Even though it is charged fully the charger will continuously flow the charge to the battery. When charging the temperature may get raised and reduce the phone’s performance. It is better than not to charge fully as the voltage may affect battery life. As everyone knows that smartphone battery doesn’t last long because the rechargeable batteries are fast charging enough and, the capacity is low then removable batteries.

Your battery may get overheated in certain circumstances:-
An important thing while charging is that your iPhone battery may get overheated according to the temperature. When the temperature rises, the screen, battery, and processor may get heat and if your back of the phone gets then the problem is with the battery. Also, sometimes when you play the games for a long time then your phone may get overheated. It is because of the process and graphics unit which can make your smartphone warmer. You can also restart your phone sometimes as it can reboot the device completely because of the apps which are running in the background.

Don’t connect your phone often to the wireless charger:-
The most common fault of batteries is excessive heat when the device is used. Even though sometimes, it may damage both the battery and the device, only if you use the low-quality wireless charger. These type of chargers doesn’t meet the quality control measures and there is no guarantee if that works perfectly. It also can create overheat and it can damage the battery and the device. When you charge your iPhone in a wirelessly charging in a tight space and if there is no air ventilation it can heat your phone as quickly as possible. So, it is better to use normal fast charging chargers recommended by the apple.

Charge your iPhone with removing the case:-
When you charge your iPhone, try to remove the phone’s case and keep it aside. If the phone is getting charged with the case then the temperature may rise and get heated up very fast. Also, there is a possibility of getting damaged to your phone’s battery and the screen. Sometimes, the extreme temperature may go high. By removing the phone’s case while charging, your phone gets a comfortable charge. Apple has warned the users to avoid charging the phones during the extreme temperature. Because sometimes the phone’s case will prevent the heat from escaping.

Keeping your backup phone without charge:-
You may think that your less powerful phone or old phone is no more to use, and you keep it as a back phone after buying a brand new powerful phone. You need to charge your backup phone at least 50% because sometimes your new phone’s battery may get dead or it is not switching on due to some hardware problem etc. if you suddenly charge the battery it may get overheated and there is a chance to damage the battery and the device. Also, if you charge the battery to full charge it may lose some charge while the device is not used for a while.

Plugging in some wrong charger to charge your iPhone:-
The chargers which we use for our iPhones will depend on models, as each and every model has different input and output voltage. The important thing while using the charger is, the battery also may differ from each model in order to use the original charger then you have to go with the phone’s charger which is manufactured from the apple. In case, if the charger is damaged then you go for the authorized service centre and get the original one for your iPhone. This will protect your phone and battery by supplying power through the charger.

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