Things to consider before buying a new Phone

An operating system
The most commonly used Operating System nowadays in smartphones are Android and IOS. These both are easy to use and supports a wide range of applications and games. Android offers more options like Google products and services. But whereas in IOS the system and apps are more uniform and accessible to the user in experience. In Android, we find google assistant whereas, in Apple, we have Siri to interact with us.

The two things to consider for the best performance is the processor and the RAM. The processor is mainly for power efficiency and speed. Apple has its own chip called ‘A’ series which is powerful in the segment. But in android, they have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. We recommend you to have at least 4 GB of RAM in the smartphone. However, this is not for iPhones because they have memory management as it doesn’t require more RAM.

A good Camera Quality
Smartphones are nothing without the camera. The camera which has good quality, and you can shoot everything with your smartphone itself. The picture when you capture a high-quality image may vary from different brands. The important features to consider the camera are low-light performance, brightness and ISO. iPhones are well-known for their camera’s hardware and software. The depth effect or portrait modes in the camera is more impressive.

Storage Space
Storage is normal for these generation smartphones. Because one has to store a lot of data in his/her phone. Storage can affect the smartphone’s price, as the price may vary due to the phone model. You will need more space to store songs, images and many more. Some android phones have expandable storage via SD card but whereas in iPhones
they have only inbuilt memory storage. Thus, we recommend you to opt for as much storage space you require for your smartphone.

Battery Life
The more you play games or surfing the internet on your smartphone can consume your battery more and more. As you have to keep on charging again and again. The battery life is impacted by the performance, display, and resolution of your smartphone. Also, there are some Android phones where they have a quick charge or fast charge option. These phones can get charged under 30 minutes. An average smartphone has a battery of 8-10 hours in a day. In iPhones, the battery drains very fast as the user may be in games, internet or watching movies etc.

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