5 Super helpful hacks which exists in your phone already

1.LockScreen Message

One great feature in the new Andriod’s update is the ability is to display messages in your lockscreen. To do that quickly goto your phone’s setting menu settings-> lock screen and security-lock screen signature. By entering your emergency contact number and other info as email etc.


2.When the phone memory get full

With the release of updates every now and then the file size of each app keeps getting bigger which in turn fills the phone memory easily one way to avoid is to sync images to cloud services. Which helps in saving up somespace.

3.Using Phone as DashCam

Instead buying a Dashcam you can converted your phone into camera with the help of some apps this will come in handy when you are in tight budget or for a car you’ve rented.

4.Double your battery backup time with Monochrome mode.

Go to the magical developer menu and locate “simulate anomaly”. Now switch on to monochrome mode and your phone display will turn black and white.

Go to developer menu and switch on simulate anomaly mode which will turn in you phone in B&W. This will greatly reduce the battery backup time and will also help in reducing eye strain due to bright light.

5. Switch to Smart lock ( Our Favorite )

Say goodbye to passcode or fingerprint unlock everytime you lift the phone with this super cool feature which rolls out from Lollipop version. This enables you to select trusted location radius where you dont need to unlock the phone every time. This feature can be adjusted to your convenient location, Familiar Faces etc.

Switch this smart lock from Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted places.

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