laptop repair

TechnoFIx offers high-quality, affordable computer repair and troubleshooting services, plus a range of IT services including data backup and recovery, security services, remote support services, and managed services. Our experts ensure your computer, whether for personal or business use, stays in prime condition longer, saving you time and money. Trust us to keep your laptop or PC running smoothly. Step into one of our locations or give us a call to see how we can help you!

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Cracked Screen

TechnoFIX has computer screen replacement services that are quick and affordable. Here, in TechnoFIX, the screens are available for all models. Please note, that our experts can provide world-class replacement services within the same working day.

Water Damage

There are very less chances of your computer getting into problems because of a water shower. So, to prevent electric shocks and more, take it to your ever-reliable TechnoFIX computer service center. Our experts can take the challenge, disassemble the entire parts, conduct a complete check, and remove any water droplets. They will then reassemble the parts, and your computer will be working fine.

Slow Performance

Are you not open a document or gain access to any drive on quick time? Then it is a sign, that the operating system is having an issue. But, when you avail of TechnoFIX services, then our system engineers can diagnose the specific problem and resolve it completely. Your computer will get working to the fast mode.

System Crashing

Do you see a black screen on your computer? Then it indicates that there is a system failure. At this point, you need to take the computer to a repair service store immediately. If you are too late, then you may not be able to recover the files. TechnoFIX provides free diagnosis and can also give you a free quote for the repair services.

Dead Battery

If the computer is not charging, or if the battery has gone dead, then you can visit TechnoFIX store to fix your laptop battery. TechnoFIX professional technicians can replace your battery with the new one or repair the existing battery in a short time.

Speaker Not Working

If you are not able to hear any sound during a Skype call, then there is an issue with the speaker. For fixing the system, visit one of our TechnoFIX stores. Our computer service experts will first conduct a thorough check, get to the root
cause and then fix the problem. They may either repair the existing speaker (if) or else, in rare occasions, will replace the old part with a new speaker.

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