Looking for Samsung phone repair in 1 Rathbone Street Whangarei? Then our TechnoFIX experts are knowing for offering elite fixing services when it comes to Samsung screen repair, Samsung battery repair, Samsung display repair and Samsung audio repair. If you need to fix problems concerned with Samsung water damage, Samsung camera damage, then our technicians can resolve them with grace at the best cheap repair prices in the market. When it comes to selecting employees for each of our 15 TechnoFIX stores in many parts of New Zealand, our management prefers those with certifications and having a minimum of 5 years of experience in device repairs. So, without a doubt, you can step in our TechnoFIX Whangarei store to get the best fix for your Tablet repair, laptop repair, Samsung phone repair and computer repairs.

Call Us at  Phone: 09 438 1346  Mobile: 027 438 1346 or Write to us at : Support@technofix.co.nz. Also mention ‘‘GMB12QWHAN’’ for special discount.

Samsung Repair

Cracked Screen

TechnoFIX Whangarei Samsung Galaxy screen replacement services are fast and affordable. The issue will be solved quickly and your Samsung phone will look as good as new. Most Samsung Galaxy screen repairs are completed within the same business day.

Water Damage

We understand how distressing it may be if your phone is suffering from water damage and we can help you. Our technicians at TechnoFIX Whangarei will perform the appropriate tests, repair and successfully restore your device.

No Signal

When you are experiencing poor signal or connectivity on your Samsung phone, there may be a variety of issues such as damage to the SIM card, software that is outdated or water damage. TechnoFIX Whangarei can diagnose the issue and restore your Galaxy to its original state.

Broken Buttons

A broken or malfunctioning button can be disrupting and ruin the overall experience. You can count on our professional technicians to resolve the issue affordably and quickly so that your Galaxy will be ready to use as soon as possible.

Dead Battery

If your Samsung Galaxy won’t hold it’s charge no matter how often you charge it, visit your local TechnoFix Whangarei as it can put a serious damper on your productivity. TechnoFIX technicians will complete a successful repair so that your Galaxy can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Speaker Not Working

If the audio on your Samsung Galaxy no longer sounds loud and clear, visit one of our convenient locations to get a repair. We have the tools for you to replace your Samsung Galaxy to its original state.

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