Must have Smartphone Accessories

Potable chargers:-
The portable chargers are very important to carry as a power backup for our smartphones or laptops in a day to day life. Because no matter how much you charge your phone or laptop in a while as it drains the battery according to the usage. When travelling you must need a power bank which can charge the phone and laptop when there is no charge in the device and also which can store more power in the power bank to charge later. Some have normal ports and type C ports which are differentiated by the different phone models. But your phone which has equipped with the fast-charging option, it doesn’t work with the power banks. It means it will charge your phone slowly.

Car mounts:-
When you are on the road, your phone is more than a device while you use it as a navigator. You need to mount the phone safely and securely to the windscreen. Because you need to focus on the road and your hands should be on the wheels so that you no need to see down or elsewhere. This is more helpful when you are cruising on highways. It can adjustable and flexible according to your views. It holds the phone tight as you no need to worry about the smartphone.

When you take your phone out for a workout or running you need to have an armband to hold it safely. While going for a gym you don’t need much space in the bag to place the band. You may listen to music while jogging or working out in the gym so, you need to carry your phone on your arm for safety. While buying the armband make sure that you take the correct size of the phone and your arm. So that it fits properly in your arm. The armband keeps your hands-free while working or doing something. Also, look at the specifications while buying and choose the right one.

Selfie sticks:-
Selfie sticks are becoming more controversial through the photography world. Selfie sticks are practical tools which are used for wide angle photos and low or high angle photography. Normally, the selfie sticks will work with the camera compatibility, remote access, secondary mounts, and underwater capability. In selfie sticks, it is accessible having a smartphone orGoPro cameras to capture the pictures. You can also adjust the stick with different positions and, different angles. You can fold the stick and keep it in the bag and you can carry with you where ever you go.

Head Phones:-
When it comes to headphones, it will be the first accessory for your smartphone to buy. Because when you are a music enthusiast you need good headphones or earphones. The standard feature in the headphone is microphone and noise cancellation. Also, some headphones have the microphone and speakers equipped with the noise cancelling design. Due to this type of design in the headphones, you can experience a clear and reliable audio sound. These headphones come up with technology-oriented and new designs.

Bluetooth Earbuds:-
Earbuds are almost designed and identical to the earphones, where these earbuds are completely Bluetooth oriented and wireless. They are only one sized but fits all ears, and may not be comfortable to wear it all the time. Earbuds allow the sound, what is going around you and you don’t feel like that you are in a quiet place. These earbuds have entered into lots of new designs, colours, sizes, and shapes which make this earbud look attractive and fashion-compliant.

Gaming controllers:-
Gaming controllers are meant for playing games in pc, laptop, android, or ios. There are controllers which are wired and wireless. The wireless controllers work with the help of Bluetooth. Some controllers are compact and built-in quality is also good. Also, they have the fully analog control buttons where you find in the console controllers. In gamepads, they use the stick because they are better than sliders. When you start using the console and connected to the smartphone will be awesome but while playing the game it may be frustrating due to the smartphone’s performance.

Screen Protectors:-
When the smartphone is an investment, then probably you have to protect your screen by the screen protectors. There are different types of glass which are tempered glass and gorilla glass. In some phones, the gorilla glass comes as a built-in screen, so you no need to protect your screen by the additional screen protectors. Sometimes, the glass can get scratched by any metal or objects. So it is better to protect it by the screen protectors. Also, when you drop your phone by mistake then you don’t need to replace your screen instead you can replace it by the screen protectors only if it is protected by the screen guard.

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