8 Hacks IPhone users wish they knew earlier

Siri is a voice assistant where one can use this feature like searching for things on the web, creating events and reminders, calling people and so on. This can be used by your voice, telling something that you want. This assistant is the best thing for apple phones where the user can experience the best around. It has intelligence and abilities which have expanded to the current generation. The interface has the ability to understand your voice from listening word to word and then apply the statistics and machine learning accordingly.

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Emergency Situations
In such situations, the user can alert his emergency contacts or medical assistance where he/she had met with an accident or in danger. When he/she needs help they can press the button five times on the iPhone. By using this they can alert someone or call for help, from then on emergency responders will take care of the situation.

Using customized shortcuts
The customization takes the apps and shortcuts to access faster in a single button. In some cases, you can customize each and every step in the iPhone as you can keep it confidential and also when kids start playing games or watching something without your knowledge, in such cases it helps to keep secure from them. Also, you can access some functions and settings which helps to enable or disable something when not in use.

Night shift
Night shift allows you to adjust the colour and contrast of the screen automatically based on day or night. It also checks the darkness and brightness of the screen and it changes accordingly. This reduces the stress for your vision and enhances the colour temperature darker and this allows you to sleep better at night before you go to bed.

Home button
This Home button in iPhones will be responsible for the default functions starting from the touch ID to Siri. In a single button, you can access different sections and options to control the things to get used to it. Also, you can increase or decrease the click speed and setting the click speed slow or slowest. If you face the issue with Siri in the lock screen by touching accidentally, you can disable it.

Charging the phone faster

As a smartphone, when it comes to the battery everyone will be worried about the charging. Because the faster you charge the battery, the faster you can use your phone. Normally, everybody will be using their smartphone for hours together. You can switch off the Airplane mode before you put your phone for a charge. As it can charge your phone two times faster than a normal charge. As the GPS and cellular networks will drain your battery while charging and it may slow your device performance.

Timer for stop playing the music –
There is an app in ios called sleep timer, where it automatically stops playing the music when you fall asleep on the bed and you have to set the timer for an hour or more than an hour. Once the timer is active then it stops the app to play music in the background. Because for the whole night, you can’t hear the music and sleep. It can affect mentally to a person. this app helps a lot to a person, before going to bed one should set the sleep timer and then they can listen to the music or read the books and after the particular timing it can stop playing.

Snap a shot –
While taking selfies in a group it may be difficult to press the capture button and Sometimes, your finger may block the camera accidentally while clicking an image. Instead, you can use the volume up button to capture an image perfectly. While clicking an image one should remember about the right timing, as it matters a lot. This helps a lot for capturing an image in a easy way without any stress.

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