IOS 13 and its features

Face ID :

Face ID is much faster in ios 13 when compared to the ios 12. When you just take the iPhone XS max in your hand, the lock icon will start opening. It all happens in a fraction of seconds. In these days, touch ID is replaced by the face ID because it protects and safeguards your information by your face which is highly encrypted. Sometimes when your face has changed in appearance the face ID will ask for the passcode to be entered by you and immediately it will update the data when it can detect the close match.

Dark mode :

Dark mode can change your phone screen appearance completely from white to black. Also, sometimes maybe a dark grey. Actually your screen looks like a black background with white text or some color text in menu and apps. It can reduce your eye strain and it makes easier to read and look. Especially at night times, the dark mode can help you a lot than in the day time. Even in the dark mode you can save the battery. It ensures a proper color contrast in the background to appear better and more efficient what you see without Dark mode.

Maps :

The apple maps have a new update and feature in ios 13 which is a lot more user-friendly than the existing one. In this, it can display a user about the road hazards and traffic conditions in one glance. The junction view can help drivers to avoid the wrong directions on some roads. While driving even Siri can help you with the directions to commute faster and safer. You can even share your ETA with your contacts, friends or family. The ETA will be updated now and then where there is significant traffic. A new feature also includes Look Around in the maps which are based on the street view. Which gives you an exact street location in the maps.

Siri :

Siri is intelligent as humans. When you ask something to open or play it can do it for you. It can also suggest you with podcasts, safari and maps. It can even remind you with the events and reminders. Now, Siri is improved with voice especially when it comes to long sentences. When you send a message to someone using siri they will be notified that this message is sent by Siri. you can also add reminders, play music and tune in to radio by just speaking to Siri. even get directions in the maps is as simple with Siri in ios 13. 

Photos App :

In ios 13, if you capture some screen recording,it will be saved automatically to the screen recording album. It is similar to screenshots which will be saved in the screenshots album. You can edit the raw image directly from your phone. When you need some memories to view then you can just search for people, places and events. You also get some interesting suggestions to search for. While messaging you can also bring photos or videos into the conversations and sharing them with the favourite people. All your photos in one place which is icloud, it can store everything. It can also keep your photos private and secure. 

Mail app :

You have the new updates in the mail app which are adjusting the font size and color, and formats in an iphone. You get more fonts and design options to discover. Also, your new mail app has email address choices which suggest you while typing a name or address more faster. A lot of ability to align the font size and font color while mailing. Even it can offer you an option to mute the email threads like when you mute the group messages in iMessage.

Shotcut App :

shortcut app helps you to find an app or send text messages or play music in a specific time. The automated shortcuts functions with Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Do not disturb mode and low power mode. This has a better integration with the apps to use easily in no time. 

For Air pod owners :

In ios 13, now you can connect the two airpods with a single iphone. Where two can listen to music or a movie together. It can also read messages from your phone. 


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