4 Upcoming Smart Phone Tech that will change the way we use the smartphone

Augmented Reality:

The term augmented reality is the the machine level interpretation of data such as audio,image,video etc. The augmented reality combines the data seen through the camera and shows a more detailed version of the thing read. This is considered to the top Upcoming Smart Phone technology to watch out for.


Flexible Screen:

Pocketable screens are the future. The day where you would be able to to fold your screen to fit in your pocket is not far away. Thanks to the advancement in LED screen called as OLED. Where the screen can be folded to reduce the overall size.


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Better Voice Control :

With the help of natural language processing and increase in artificial intelligence, There is already a sudden rise in the use of voice searches. This enables the user to perform the activity as a secondary activity during driving or other activities which makes it the better way of solving the search query.

Holographic Screens: 

Even after the launch of retina display the most advanced display in the market. Apple has one more competitor to its way,It is the samsung smart screen with the amoled display being the best in the market for the display samsung now aims to provide the most advanced version of the display with hologram effect.

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