Interesting Trends to watch out

Foldable smartphones :


In these days, people usually get an upgrade to the newly launched smartphone which has more tech, features and specifications. Now, the foldable smartphones are the biggest impact in the smartphone market, as Samsung told years back that they are working on the smartphone which can be folded. Also, there are other original equipment manufacturers who are working on foldable smartphones which can be expected in a few months. 

We can see foldable smartphones from companies such as Apple, Motorola, Huawei, and so on. These foldable smartphones will be expensive, because of the tech and features used inside the smartphone. The features like portability, multitasking which will be made easy in this foldable smartphone. 


5G smartphones :


In the next few years, we will be using 5G smartphones. In the current scenario, we have been using the 4g smartphones which is the fastest network in today’s life. In the next few years, we will be upgraded to the 5G network which will work only with 5G ready smartphones and not with the 4G devices. This network will be much faster than the current network. The processors used in the 5g devices are more powerful and faster. In meanwhile, Apple has already introduced the 7nm chipsets to their latest smartphones. These chipsets will make a 5G device to experience faster and smooth performance. There are some smartphones which will be 5G ready devices which are S11, iPhone 12 and so on. 


Evolution of the notch :

The recently launched smartphones have the notch like and bezel-less like displays. The notch on the display will increase the screen size larger. In the bezel-less display, we don’t find the frame across the screen as it looks more immersive viewing experience to the user. Even some smartphone manufacturers are working on smartphones with different infinity displays. These infinity displays provide even more screen space and look larger on smartphones. In infinity displays, it will provide a true bezel-less display experience.


More and more cameras in the smartphone :

Nowadays, we are seeing that camera sensors are increasing on smartphones. We will not just be going to see dual or triple cameras. We may also see like five or nine camera setups on the smartphones. Also, some smartphone manufacturers are working on the five and nine-camera smartphone. These smartphones may get launched next year. Some companies like Apple and Samsung may have stuck in a single or dual camera setup but also maybe they are working on more camera setup. There is a competition in adding more camera setups in between the smartphone manufacturers.


Sliding camera modules :

The new sliding camera module is the slide or pop-up camera concept which made its debut this year with Vivo nex and Oppo find X. this concept hides the front camera but when you open the front camera it slides out or pop-up the camera outside. This type of smartphones has a bezel-less display which gives a new experience to the user. In future, many smartphone companies may adopt this concept. In such a case, these smartphones look very good with pop-up cameras and with an immersive screen with a bezel-less display.

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