Technofix in Newzealand as a best iPhone/Phone repair company

Technofix is a trusted phone repair company in Auckland and Christchurch, offering fast iPhone screen repair in Christchurch ferry road, battery replacement & several other iPhone repair services. Technofix is a company that delivers iPhone repair at an affordable price. We are currently specialized in iPhone, Samsung, Tablet, iPads & computers with the help of our experienced technicians who are very professional in iPhone repair.

Most of our iPhone repairs in Ch ferry road are done in under 30 minutes. We promise to our clients that we deliver the best quality repair at an affordable price. You can also visit our stores in Technofix Christchurch Ferry road, the best iPhone repair in NZ. Please feel free to wait in the store, or leave your iPhone and come back later to collect it at our store in Christchurch ferry road. We even have 14 branches nationwide.

Technofix is a chain of stores specialised in immediate repairs of iPhones and Samsung phones. So we can repair all major brands of mobile phones and tablets. We deliver to customers with quality and standardised services, no matter which Technofix store you walk-in in Auckland and christchurch.

In Technofix, most of the repairs are completed in under 30 minutes. All walk-in iPhone repairs carried out by us use only the high quality parts and are given a lifetime warranty on iPhone screens and 3 month warranty on other screens. We take a back up of your data safely and we put it back once the repair is done.

In order to deliver a quality service, our experienced technicians use the right tools and we only source parts from the reputed supplier. Apart from our technician zones, our customers are welcomed to look into the repair process.

Why Technofix?

Life-time warranty on iPhone screens

All our repairs on iphone screens come with a life-time warranty as standard. In case, if our repaired screen isn’t functioning properly or the screen isn’t turning on, stop at Technofix Christchurch ferry road – the best iPhone repair in NZ, so that we can fix it.  

3 – month warranty on samsung screens

All our repairs come with a 3-month warranty as standard. If our installed component or screen isn’t functioning properly, visit our Technofix Manukau in Auckland, so that we can make it right. Please note that the warranty does not cover accidental or liquid damage.

Customer Reviews

Technofix is rated as an average of 4.8 stars on a google review by 2k customers. We are very proud to say that there isn’t any other repair company in NewZealand who has this level of feedback from their customers. We are an iPhone repair company, who is trusted by Google to request good feedback from our customers.

Fast Repairs

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a fast and convenient service. Most of the iPhone repairs can be repaired on the same day, usually in under 30 minutes or so. Even macbook repairs are also treated with utmost urgency, without compromising on the quality.

14 Convenient Locations

With iPhone repair centres in Auckland & Christchurch FerryRoad, a repair from Technofix is not far away. Most of our stores are open six days a week. So you don’t suffer with a broken iPhone screen – we can fix it today.

Trusted by NewZealanders?

As part of the iPhone repair service, the technicians at Technofix are certified and have a good experience in repair services. No other repair company in NewZealand has a certified and experienced technician as Technofix. This is the main reason that we’re trusted by the NewZealanders.

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