Should I Get an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy in 2021?

It is said that 2021 has been the year where it almost seems like wrong things in the world are disclosing themselves without any control. The amazingly simple fact is that we are still in a modern age where everything is still digitalized, and this digital world will move only forward not back to the analogue age or stone age period. If you see the world, almost 96% of the population have switched to smartphones. 

These days, Android and iPhones have influenced over 96% of the phone market. As you all know that already these two brands are big players in the market. However, the incredible feature of Samsung takes their brand above and beyond in the android business category. Also, there is a contradiction between the android used by the Samsung users and the android powered by the other brands. When it is iOS, it is incredibly genius you can say, as it is far greater than the android phones, only Samsung android can compete with iOS in the first in the segment features.

However, there has been a long debate between Samsung and iPhone users. Which is better? iPhone or Samsung. Maybe, we could clarify on both brands, and you can decide depending on your preference.

To start with, what is the main difference between iPhone and Samsung?

Should I buy an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy Series??

I mean, apart from the fact that one is iOS and the other one is Android, it has some or the other differences, right? There are major differences which are:

Usage of the smartphones:

When you take both the devices, you can’t show that both iOS and Android interfaces are easy to use, and you can rest assured that you won’t be facing any problems with both the devices. Although, if we consider the home screen set up and the general appearance of the home screen, maybe the balance tilts towards android. Normally, Samsung android phones give you control over the device and apps that come with it. You can also set up your device as you like and be flexible with it.


When it comes to the design, you will definitely choose the good design. In this case, iPhones have a good aesthetic design as Apple produces luxury phones. You can expect that the upcoming iPhone will be more beautiful when compared to the previous one. Even in Samsung phones we can see some good designs. For instance, Samsung S7 is very much pleasing as iPhone 7 plus. If you really care about the design of the phone, then you’ll not find a better design than a Samsung when compared to the iPhone.  


The price for the iPhone is very high when compared to Samsung and also, they have their own prices according to the market. It is basically much higher than your normal smartphone. Both the brands have different pricing strategies. For example, when iPhone X was introduced to the market, it was priced at $1000, but an average iPhone itself is priced at $400 which is high. But when it comes to Samsung pricing, it is said that the average Samsung phone to the high-end Samsung phone will cost you around $200 to $300. Also, Samsung can compete with Apple. For instance, Samsung’s latest Z line costs around $1400, basically it is more expensive than the iPhones.


The main difference between androids and iPhones is that android is open-source software, whereas iOS is paid software. What this means is that for android, various developers can improve the system and any developer can develop an application on android. Whatever you want to get from Apple will be the pain one, even some apps in iOS are paid ones.   


The iPhones are more secure when compared to Samsung phones. Apple phones have better touch ID and stunning face ID. Also, there is no risk while downloading the apps on iPhones rather than Samsung phones.

Battery life:

Samsung phones have greater battery life. iPhones are known for their larger battery capacity, but Samsung phones last longer and no need to be charged again and again.


Both brands perform great camera quality. The camera quality is very good, and it could replace a regular DSLR camera. Samsung phones have some good functions like lowlight HDR, wide-angle mode. You can adjust the camera settings to get the best shots depending on the subjects. Although, an iPhone has better camera features like live photos. The iPhone camera seems more ideal for third party app capturing. Whichever one you choose will still give you a better result.  


iPhones have a storage issue as they don’t come with an external SD card slot. But this issue was improved with the iPhone 11 pro which has a space of 512 GB storage. This cannot be comparable to Samsung S10 which has up to 512GB internal storage and can support up to 512GB micro-SD card.


It is your decision to buy an iPhone or Samsung as both the brands are similar in performance, camera, battery, but when it comes to Apple your data is secured. If you want more security then go for iPhone, but if you want more battery life, then go for the Samsung phones.


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