Evolution of iPhones: Why This Brand Is Most Popular in The Market?

There are many electronic devices that have gone on to become an indispensable part of daily human life. And going by the statement, one can convey the same about mobile phones. Though there are many types such as smartphones, camera phones, music phones and more, it is usually the first that gets the best recognition. Smart phones. And iphones are the most selling smartphones in the globe, and the next brands to make it big are Android phones. In this article, let us look at the evolution of iPhones and why this brand is most popular in the market. We will also focus on the reasons these models became a phenomenon in the mobile industry.Going by the standards of mobile features existing at the present time or in the previous years, the iPhone models have always come as a breath of fresh air. In 2007, there was no touch screen, and every smart phone had a small needle known as a stylus by which you can tap the icons and then do the required task. But the first iPhone changed the entire concept. It had a touch screen option.  The year 2020 sees the 13th anniversary of the iPhone introduction into the mobile world. When compared to other smartphone models, iPhone is the most preferred brand all over the world. But rarely does many know that there were no iPhone 2 and iPhone 9 models. Till 2020, the mobile giant, Apple has introduced nearly twenty iPhones, prominent among them in numbers such as iPhone 3 and the iPhone Plus models.

iPhone – 2007

Compared to the present day models, this phone definitely had drawbacks. You can have only 16 GB of data on the phone. No app store. But yes, it made a revolution. When the model was introduced by Steve Jobs, it became a game changer. This device introduced the touchscreen keyboard and the first mobile with a camera. In the words of Steve Jobs, this device is a “iPod, internet communicator and a phone” – a 3-in-1 device.

iPhone 3G: 2008

It was in this mobile, that Steve Jobs outsmarted his competitors. He introduced the App Store. This device also became a device for 3G internet connection. It introduced two models – 16 GB & 32 GB. The first iPhone maximum storage capacity was just 16 GB.

iPhone 3GS: 2009

The alphabet S was added to the model because it symbolized speed. There were more things to be added to the App Store and 16GB storage was not enough. The first feature to get an upgrade in this model was the camera (to 3MP). This was the first model where & video recording got introduced. But this model paved the introduction of the Virtual Assistant, Siri.

iPhone 4:2010

The main reason why the iPhone became popular was because of introduction of features new to the mobile industry. This model had a front-facing camera. Is it a coincidence or did the iPhone model designers in the company know that one day, selfies will become a rage? It also updated its memory database from its predecessor (256 MB to 512 MB).

iPhone 4S: 2011

Today, many resort to using voice-assistant to check for information on Google. It was in iPhone 4S that Siri got introduced to the globe. There were other new features which made a difference. The camera got an upgrade from 5 MP to 8 MP. Instead of the 32 GB storage option, now you get a 64 GB. However, there were two changes that did not happen, that is, the memory was kept at 512 MB and the video recording (1080p). But the device got sold within the first week (4 million).

iPhone 5: 2012

This model broke the record for sales held by its previous version in one week. It sold 50 lakh in the first seven days. The camera features remained unchanged, but the memory got a boost from 512 MB to 1 GB. Unlike the previous models, the iPhone 5 introduced the loyalists to LTE. The second change was – the display got changed to 4 inches instead of 3.5 inches. The change was done because many Android phones had larger screens.

iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c: 2013

Every time a new iPhone model was introduced, a new sales record was set in the industry. In the very first week, the sales of the two models stood at nine million. Compared to the iPhone5s, the other model did have a plastic shell, and an affordable price. The iPhone 5s introduced various new features such as dual flash, Touch ID, M7 motion coprocessor & slow motion video. This model introduced another new feature to the world – fingerprint scanner.


This article is the first part of the iPhones and its evolution. The second and final part will throw light on the other models. You will also get to know why the models, even before they hit the market, get booked in millions. So, stay tuned and wait for the next article.

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