Upcoming Apple Products and Everything you can expect in 2020 and Beyond

As we all know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the supply chain and demand has been affected in all industries across the globe. When it comes to a new product launch, Apple is showing no signs of a slowdown. To be noted, Apple has already launched its devices called iPad Pro and iPhone SE amidst in Covid-19. We also tell you that Apple is going to showcase their upcoming devices like new iPhones, Homepod2, Air tags, Airpower Mini and other devices. The next big product unveiling event from Apple is planned in September 2020. Every year in September, Apple gives a fresh look or an update to its iPhones and Apple watch line-ups. The biggest flagship model for this year from Apple will be iPhone 12 series and Apple air tags.

We can have a look at some of the gadgets from Apple which may be launched in 2020 and here as follows:

Apple iPhone 12 series

As per the rumours in the industry, Apple is going to launch four new iPhones at the end of the year. It can consist of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. The iPhone 12, Plus and Pro models are expected to have 6.1- and 6.7-inch OLED displays instead of LCD screens. You can expect the iPhone 12 pro models to come up with slimmer bezels and a small notch. The new features are the quad-camera system with upgraded wide, ultra-wide lens and LiDAR scanner. These models will come with Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset and 5G support. Also, all iPhone 12 models will have a square-edged frame like an iPhone 4 or iPad Pro models.

Apple Air Tags

The Apple team is mainly working on inventing a device that helps you to locate lost items. Air Tags is the device, which is like the Bluetooth tracker, Tile and allows users to find the items like keys, wallets, and backpacks. It works with the help of U1 ultra-wideband chips found in the iPhone 11 and above models. However, the tracker will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data to track the lost item. Air Tags will come with an Apple-designed key chain and leather sleeve.

Apple Home Pod

When Apple launched the Home Pod back in 2018, it didn’t do well but the result did not deter the company to come up with a new and updated version. It will take on rivals like Amazon Echo and Google Home Nest. It has been said that Apple has improved the sound quality and made Siri voice assistants clearer and better. We can expect the Home Pod 2 and mini to get launched with the iPhone 12 this year.

Apple Studio pods

Apple’s long-awaited flagship over-ear headphones may get launched by the end of this year with an all-new design and superior sound quality. It is called as “Air Pods Studio”. The two versions are under development, mainly a premium model. It will have fabrics (similar to leather) and the model will be focused on the fitness-type, but with lighter materials. It also includes ear cups (can be detached) along with headband padding which allow the components to be swapped out. We can expect Active Noise cancellation feature in this Studio Pods. The pricing for this Studio Pods will be roughly around $350.

Air Pods lite and Air Pods X

Apple might launch a cheaper version of Air Pods Pro and lite. These models will not get an active noise cancellation feature, which you can see in the higher-spec model like Studio Pods. Apple may launch this product at $129. Also, there is the Air Pods X, a new combination of Air Pods that will have a Beats X like design and can cost you around $200 or more.

Apple Watch Series 6

The next-gen Apple series 6 will have the same design as the Series 5. So, you can’t expect any changes in the design language of Series 6. Also, Apple is trying to add sleep monitoring and an upgraded battery in Series 6. The New Generation Apple watch will have excellent features such as better performance and enhanced water resistance. Even this product, Apple Watch Series 6 will get launched with the iPhone 12.

Apple iPad mini 6 and iPad Air 14

The new Fourth-gen iPad Air will have an all-new A14 Bionic chip and 11-inch screen and we cannot expect iPad Air 4 to have the edge-to-edge screen like an iPad Pro. We can also expect that the new-gen iPad Air will have an on-screen fingerprint scanner and an update to support the second-gen Apple pencil. Apart from iPad Air 4, Apple is also working on the new iPad Mini with A14 Bionic chipset. Apple may launch its new iPads later this year. 

Apple TV

Going by the standards and recent newsfeed, the launch will happen finally this year as they have been working on the updated and new version of the Apple TV. We await that the new model may come with the best graphics and A14 Bionic processor. This new version can go along with Apple’s first-ever game controller. 

Apple Airpower Mini

Apple might launch its Airpower Mini wireless charging mat this year. Although they launched the first wireless charging mat back in 2019, they cancelled it because the device didn’t meet the company’s high standards. But now in 2020, Apple is again working on the wireless charging mat, but they say that it will charge only one device at a time.

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