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iPhones usually require a trusted service centre as the device is expensive when compared to the other makers or models. Technofix is a fully trusted iPhone repair service centre to perform iPhone repairs and uses only genuine Apple parts. 

Technofix is a premium service centre - recognised by New Zealanders throughout the country, as they are achieving excellence in all aspects including the parts quality, processes, and customer satisfaction. We offer warranty repairs on all models of iPhones. You should never give your device to repair in the local stores, where you don't trust as they use non-genuine parts and therefore, they may damage the device. 

Technofix offers the following repairs & services:

iPhone repairs
iPod repairs
iPad repairs
iMac repairs
MacBook repairs

iPhone repairs - 
Why don’t you get a fast, affordable iPhone repair service in NZ from the experts? Your device will be repaired on the same day warranty on all repairs will be carried out, Technofix is the best screen repair NZ for cracked iPhone screens and even water damage. 

With years of experience across the range of Apple products, we only use high-quality original parts for iPhones. Whether you have a cracked iPhone screen, a faulty home button or a charging issue. We have an exceptionally extensive list of satisfied customers who are very happy with our services, and we assure you of the highest standards of iPhone repair service that Technofix provides. 
Our iPhone repair services include:

3 months warranty
Same day repair

iPod repairs - 
At Technofix we have the right knowledge to repair, the expertise, and the equipment to make sure your iPod gets the best repair in NZ. We also see many companies offering iPod repairs in Auckland, but we are confident enough to offer outstanding service and the very best value for money. Technofix is the trusted iPod repair company in NZ, and we ensure all our customers get the best service with their iPod, which will be repaired on the same day. So, you get your iPod back as fast as possible. 

iPad repairs - 
At Technofix we offer a high-quality iPad repair service, whether your iPad needs a screen replacement, a general diagnostic test, or a camera repair, Technofix technicians will be there to solve the issue. We offer high-quality iPad repairs - whether your iPad needs a screen replacement, a general diagnostics test, or a camera repair, Technofix technicians will be there to fix the issue. We have a large network of stores that provides the on-spot diagnostic service and high-quality parts to ensure that we are perfect to carry out your iPad repair quickly and efficiently to the highest standard. 

iMac repair - 
You can book your iMac repair at Technofix by clicking here or you can visit our nearest store to get your iMac repaired. All our repairs are completed on the same day if there is an issue with the repair, then we’ll get it repaired the very next day. We understand how inconvenient it will be without your iMac. So, we are here to repair your device on the same day. Also, there will be a slight delay in the repair if the stock of required parts is not available. Then we may take 2-3 business days to repair. 

MacBook repairs - 
We aim to provide the best MacBook repair service for our customers on a same-day basis with our in-house team of trained technicians using the stock of genuine Apple parts. However, on the other hand, we will not be able to complete a MacBook repair on the same day because of some technical challenges we face while repairing or parts shortage. We usually can complete the service within 1 or 2 days based on the availability of the genuine parts of the MacBook. 
For certain models or repairs, Technofix may request to send your device to the central facility for service, where we do the mail-in service and therefore we may extend repair time to 5-7 days. 

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We currently have over 18+ stores for iPhone screen repair nationwide. Click here to find your local Technofix store.

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