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The evolution of smartphones is moving fast as the market is waiting for the new launches. As the world is always waiting for a new launch with the advanced tech, more specifications and new features. Every smartphone that comes out with new designs and new ideas which manufacturer can come up with perfect shape and size. The next-generation smartphones will be like a flip phone or a tablet which can be foldable.

The most anticipated future smartphones:

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL:
Google has come up with a new smartphone which is the refreshed design and specs. They basically tell that their new smartphone is not about the hardware but it is all about the new software and user experience. When the device has a new design or a good finishing at the edges, then it’s more than enough to upgrade from the older device. When it comes to the camera in the pixel, the software, artificial intelligence are the biggest optimisation behind the pictures you click. The lens in this device gets you a more focus and more clear picture than ever.

Samsung Galaxy S11 :
The Samsung Galaxy S11 may change to the new design language of Samsung as it can have a new look, solid build quality and waterproofing. We can also expect that it can have an under-display fingerprint sensor. It will have the new AMOLED display where the screen looks more beautiful. Also, the S11 can have 8K video recording and a 108MP sensor. We can also see that it may get a triple camera.
The Samsung S11 devices will run on the latest chipset called Exynos. It can come with microSD support and storage options. The hardware equipment in this device can tell that this is a flagship device for Samsung and can give a good compete against rivals. They are working on the 3D facial recognition for this device and supports both wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Nokia 8.2 5G :
There’s is a talk that Nokia and Qualcomm are coming up with the 5G smartphones which support 5G network. This will be based on the snapdragon 7 series chipset. This can offer a lot more like faster connection speeds and better performance than current-gen smartphones. Also, it is confirmed that we will get 5G smartphones in 2020 which will be made by Nokia.

Motorola Moto RAZR :
The moto Razr was the iconic phone many years back and now it is a brand new-gen smartphone. This is a flip-type smartphone and it has more tech inside. They have a creative design method which other manufacturers didn’t implement it successfully. this has one screen where there is a quick display for interaction with the notifications. Also, you can answer a call by flipping it. It uses POLED display where it helps flipping and folding. When you need full-screen mode just flip it open you will experience a lot of techs inside. It comes with the latest hardware configuration called snapdragon 710 and a larger capacity battery. This device comes up with a new feature called e-sim only, where there will be no sim tray. The camera setup in this has a good lens which can focus and has more pixels while capturing an image.

Apple iPhone 12:
The iPhone 12 models are believed to come up with a new design and more performance. Some rumours show that the edges are squarer than normally rounded edges which we see from the iPhone 6 models. Also, Apple says that upcoming 2020 iPhone models to come up with OLED displays. As currently, only pro models have OLED displays. There will be a fresh price and change in sizes. It is believed that this model may get in-display fingerprint sensors. the camera for iPhone 12 will get 3D depth cameras and AR capabilities which will be a Quad camera with a TOF sensor.Apple will also add 5G connectivity to its iPhone 12 models. We can expect the A14 chip and ios 14 in these models. There is a new chip called U1 which will improve the version to the latest.

Huawei mate X:

In the current foldable smartphone market, there are two foldable smartphones which are Samsung galaxy fold and the other is Huawei mate x which is the latest and new to the market. The Mate X is a big-screen smartphone which is rival to the galaxy fold. There is no flexible screen guard in the market as the transparent polymer cover is used to protect this smartphone. And that’s why Huawei is supplying a good leather case. The display looks like a rectangle screen. It comes with an AMOLED display which is a brighter and beautiful display. This massive screen looks impressed as it gives a big immersive view. It comes with high-performance hardware which is kirin 980 which is more powerful and faster. It will be an 8GB RAM and 512GB variant. It also supports 5G connectivity. It has a fast-charging option. It will be based on the Android 10 and with the four cameras total.

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