Unlock the Secrets of Phone Longevity: 5 Ways to Keep Your Device in Top Condition

A device that looks and feels good creates a positive impression, boosting your satisfaction and enjoyment while using it. Ultimately, taking care of your phone ensures its longevity, functionality, value, and overall satisfaction as a user. Keeping your phone in good condition is vital for several reasons:  A well-maintained phone ensures optimal performance, allowing you […]

Tiny Particles, Big Impact: 5 Ways Dust Affects Your Phone’s Performance

As our faithful daily companions, smartphones inevitably become a magnet for dirt, dust, and fingerprints. The more we use them, the more these impurities accumulate, forming an unsightly layer on the screen and body. Not only does this affect the device’s aesthetic appeal, but it also has a tangible impact on its functionality. You might […]

Clean Phone, Clear Mind: How Regular Phone Cleaning Enhances Your Digital Experience

Clean Phone, Clear Mind: How Regular Phone Cleaning Enhances Your Digital Experience. While it’s understandable that many of us might overlook the importance of regular phone cleaning, considering our busy lives, it is essential to prioritize this simple task. Removing these unwanted particles through regular cleaning restores the phone’s visual appeal and rejuvenates its performance. […]

8 Dos and Don’ts to Save Your Phone From Water Damage

Phone From Water Damage

We are all in the habit of taking our gadgets everywhere we go. People today cannot even imagine living without a digital presence around them. Getting bored at a party, take out your phone and text people. Or, if you are travelling to a great distance, binge-watch a show on your mobile. This over-dependence on […]

Evolution of Technofix in New Zealand as the best iPhone repair service centre

Technofix is a phone repair company that was started in 2018 with a vision to provide phone & computer repairs at a reasonable price. We are specialized in iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets, and all other types of laptops & computers. We have professional technicians, who are all well-trained and have 5+ years of experience in […]

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