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Smudged keys on the keyboard:

You may not do this on purpose, but it might be because of the natural oil or the sweat from hands  while you’re working or eating which makes your keyboard smudge. Silicone keyboard guard is the best way to avoid this problem.


The very common issue every laptop user has. It’s not that you have not been maintaining it properly, but it’s your surrounding which makes your laptop all dusty outside and also from the inside too. Which prevents your laptop from cooling down properly, this is the main cause for overheating of your laptop. So, turn off your laptop, open your laptop panel at the bottom carefully, use a compressed air can(helps in cleaning your laptop more delicately) and clean carefully without making a mess.


The most common issue that every user faces. This particular issue keeps bugging everyone because Microsoft, for example, keeps working on their OS/Products regularly to make things easier for their users. So it is up to the user to decide whether to upgrade or not to. The solution is you either turn off the notification regarding the updates or you take your time and update the system.

Blackspots on the screen:

Blackspots on the screen may appear because of the dead pixels. Each pixel on the LCD is made up of three diodes Red, Blue, and Green. If the pixels are burnt or unable to take the signal from the board that’s when you find a black spot on the LCD screen.


This is basically due to overheating. Generally, laptops and computers generate a lot of heat, but the laptop generates more because they are small in size and the lack of ventilation. So the dust gets clogged inside not letting your laptop cool down. So clean your laptops especially the air vents so that the fresh air goes in and cools down the CPU. To solve this issue clean your laptops and update the BIOS on your laptop.

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