Is your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sound not working?

iphone 8

Perhaps you have ever experienced your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus had a crackling earpiece during a phone call? , or simply can´t listen to music and any noise results?

If so, you´re not alone.

Seeing the annoying sound in telephone calls, there have been many cases where customers have complained about the issue, and apparently isn’t occurring only in regular phone calls but also in FaceTime calls.

Below you can find some tips which they might be helpful to solve your problem:

  • First of all, as a possible solution and at times the simpler is to update the software.  Apple has acknowledged this issue which is impacting customers.  Thus, await the upcoming software release to upgrade it.
  • According to reports, it´s fixed from the iOS 11.1 programmer beta.  The way to download it?  If you’ve got a developer account, you can try it through the Download New Betas tab after registering up at
  • Try to play some music through your apparatus or any sound effect App, go to adjust the volume with your volume buttons or the slider Control Center.
  • Another solution for virtually any case of difficulty sound is restarting the iPhone.  Don´t worry, you won’t lose any info.
  • This might function, but prior to making sure you’ve got a backup of all of your iPhone to the Cloud and iTunes.  This measure is another way to eliminate the glitch on the phone.
  • This may sound absurd but believe it or not, it helps.
  • Brush the docking area where you charge the unit and keep it clean.
  • The dust and so many tiny things avoid the suitable function of their connectors.
  • You can try this tip: Add your headphones into the headset, then quickly pull them out.

Do this for a few minutes, in many cases the headset mode has stuck and this help to fix it.  Maybe you might not have the technical abilities and you may prefer a technician to check and restore your telephone, no worries, we could assist you and the best part is that you will have it the exact same day all mended.

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