iPhone screen repair services in NewZealand

We as a Technofix iPhone repair company with a perception to service a device at a reasonable price. We are specialized in iPhone, iPad, and MacBook services. Technofix has 15 locations for phone repair in New Zealand and with a team of professional technicians who are skilled in iPhone repair. We deliver the finest quality iPhone screen repair in Auckland at an affordable price. We use quality and genuine parts for every customer who is visiting our store.  

You can get a 3-month warranty on every iPhone repair:

We provide a three-month warranty on all iPhone repairs which are serviced in our Technofix stores. The warranty includes any damage to the material and a technician fault in the repair. If you are not satisfied with our repair, then you get your money back. 

Genuine parts with an affordable price

We use high-quality parts with unbeatable prices. The parts which we replace with new parts are original genuine parts.

Professional and well-trained technicians

Our technicians are well-trained and professional in repairing the devices. With 10+ years of experience in phone repairs, they are experts in getting your device’s life back. 

You get your device repaired in 60mins.

We are expertise in quality and speed of the service. As most of the phone repairs are done in under 60mins while still, you are in the store. We provide fast and quick phone repairs as you are depressed with the broken device.

Technofix is specialized in all iPhone repairs which includes screen repair and battery replacement. Our technicians are highly experienced, and our stores are equipped with the right tools to repair your iPhone fast and easy. Technofix has 15 stores available nationwide and you can trust us for your iPhone repair. 

We are professional in all iPhone repairs:

Broken screen

If your iPhone screen is broken or damaged and screen replacement services are affordable and quick. Most of the iPhone repairs are done under 30 minutes. Your broken iPhone will look like a brand new after the screen replacement. 

Water Damage 

If your iPhone is dropped in the water and you are depressed with the damage. Then, we can fix your damaged iPhone as our technicians are professionals in iPhone repair and perform some tests and fix your device. 

Problem with the battery?

If the iPhone is not holding up the charge for a longer time, then visit our technofix store as your iPhone needs a battery replacement.  

Our stores have got the best prices for iPhone repairs. 


We will diagnose your device to check if there are any errors in the software and sensors.  

Need an upgrade!

You can upgrade to the latest updates which will be available for your phone. 


You can trust us and opt for Technofix service for any iPhone repairs. We got the best prices for you. We have 15 stores nationwide with top-rated reviews. 



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