10 Super CellPhone Hacks that Really Works

Keeping the cash and ids in the phone case :
You no need to hold the wallet or a bag to take all the cards, money, ids, etc to some music concerts or festivals. Instead of doing this, You can take only id’s and money and keep it in the phone’s case. So that you don’t lose anything in crowded places. This can hide the pockets in the case so that your cards and money will be protected.

Preventing your smartphone from water damage and dust :
When you put your phone in the plastic bag, it not only protects from water damage and it also improves it from the dust resistance. Though, you can still access the phone through the plastic cover. It safeguards against smartphone from the dust, liquid, etc. it also keeps safe from drowning and cocktail spills.

Adding Emergency contact to your lock screen :
Whenever you lose your phone somewhere, so the person who finds your smartphone can check the emergency contact details in the lock screen and him can contact if he/she is a good person then they will return it. If it gets stolen then the thief can’t access your data as it is protected by the password. In case if you have been injured, so that someone can contact emergency number in the lock screen. By doing this it can help a lot.

You don’t need internet when you have offline maps available :
The GPS can drain your battery for all day. Instead, you can turn off the internet when offline maps are available in your smartphone. If not you can download the offline location for the place where you are travelling. You can get the driving directions, and still, you can see where you are and search for an address or any landmark. This can save the battery for a longer time.

Finding your car in the parking lot is much difficult :
You can choose the maps as they can mark the location in a particular place when you park the car in a parking lot. After parking the car make sure that you drop the parked location and save in the map. So that you can choose a parked car from the list, and you can walk according to the directions to find the car in the parking.

Switching your phone to Airplane mode :
If you want your phone to charge faster, then you can put it on an Airplane mode. Only if you are not expecting any calls or messages. This mode shuts off all the connections like Bluetooth, wifi services, cellular etc which will consume the battery in the background even though if you are not using the device. This Airplane mode makes your phone to charge faster than you charge normally.

Controlling the data as apps can drain it in the background :
As some specific apps can consume your data in the background. So turn off the data usage for whichever apps you don’t need for temporarily. Without your knowledge, the mail syncing and updates can download automatically from the cellular data. You can also set it for download only through the wifi. It saves a lot more than consuming the data in the background.

Shutter button can take great shots :
When there is a chance to capture the photos faster and perfect shots. Then you assume that pressing the shutter button continuously can bring the better shots which looks stunning. You have shot more than ten images of the same and you realize that one image is good enough to look.

Using the phone’s volume button as the shutter button :
It is useful when you take a selfie with the crowd. When you can’t hold the capture button with the finger as it is difficult. So instead you can use the volume button to capture the image. This will be easier at such situations to handle the shutter to capture the stunning image of yourself.

When You need extra light for photo shoot :
If you try taking photos in the night, but you realize that it is dark and you need more lighting to take a perfect shot. Then you ask your friend to hold his flashlight for extra lighting to look brighter and stunning photos.

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