Evolution of Technofix in New Zealand as the best iPhone repair service centre

Technofix is a phone repair company that was started in 2018 with a vision to provide phone & computer repairs at a reasonable price. We are specialized in iPhones, Samsung phones, tablets, and all other types of laptops & computers. We have professional technicians, who are all well-trained and have 5+ years of experience in repairing mobile phones.  We have promised our customers that we offer the best quality parts at a reasonable price. All our parts are original and genuine parts from the phone brands.

We pride ourselves as we offer the 30 minutes repair service for smartphones and tablets including iPhone repair, Samsung repair and Huawei. Generally, when you leave your device at the Technofix store and you go for a cup of coffee, later you will see that your device looks brand new in 30 minutes. We offer screen replacement, fix the camera, charging issues, & battery replacement. If you are not sure about your phone’s issue, then you can take an immediate diagnostic service. So that we will come to know what repair is required for your smartphone. With over 50000 devices repaired we have established ourselves as the leading phone repair specialist. 

We are mobile repair specialists who can repair it in under 30 minutes or the same day repair. We also offer our customers a warranty nationwide for the repairs. We keep our customer’s data safe as it is confidential. We follow the No fix No fee policy. Technofix can fix any smashed or cracked screen. 

Technofix provides the best repair and services in New Zealand, by offering the following repairs:

  • iPad Repair
  • iPhone Repair
  • Samsung Repair
  • Laptop Repair 
  • TV Repair

iPad Repair

Technofix is an iPad repair store in New Zealand. We fix all generations of iPads with a nationwide warranty. We are specialized in all repairs like water damage, cracked screen, damaged buttons, dead battery. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced to repair your device. We usually repair iPads in under thirty minutes or the same day. All our iPad repairs are done at affordable costs. You can trust Technofix to repair your iPad as they have multiple locations across the nation.

iPhone Repair

iPhone screen repair is extremely easy with Technofix as they have expert technicians in all the stores. iPhone repair is also unbelievably cheap, quicker and affordable with Technofix. Most of our iPhone repairs are done in under 30 minutes. We can fix your device by solving the issue and will make it look brand new. 

Samsung Repair 

Technofix can fix or repair any Samsung devices. We provide the best Samsung repair in the country. We repair your Samsung phones on the same day. All our repairs are cheap and reasonable prices. Technofix has 15 branches in the country. You can blindly trust technofix to repair your Samsung phone. 

Laptop repair 

Technofix offers high-quality, affordable laptop repair and troubleshooting problems. We also have a range of IT services that includes backup, recovery, and security services. Our experts can fix your laptop and keep running for longer, saving your time and money. Visit one of our technofix stores and get your laptop repaired and bring it back to pristine condition.  

Data recovery from Hard Drive

Our technicians will recover your data that you have deleted or lost. They use state-of-the-art equipment to repair your hard drive and fully recover your data. Whatever the reason for your hard drive being failed, we are there to repair it and bring it to the old condition. You can get an approximate quote for the hard drive repair. 

Technofix provides the following repairs & services:

  • Same day Repair
  • 3-month work & parts guarantee
  • Your data is safe
  • Smashed or cracked screen
  • Audio Issue
  • Replacement batteries
  • Water damage
  • Charging problems
  • Game Console Repair
  • Laptop & Computer Repairs
  • Board Level Repairs 


Technofix has 15 branches nationwide and the branches are described below,

  • Technofix Manukau
  • Technofix Papakura
  • Technofix Queen st
  • Technofix Mount Eden
  • Technofix Botany
  • Technofix Dunedin
  • Technofix Christchurch Wairakei
  • Technofix Christchurch ferry rd
  • Technofix Whangarei
  • Technofix Wellington
  • Technofix Point chevalier​
  • Technofix Invercargill
  • Technofix New Plymouth
  • Technofix Whanganui
  • Technofix Greenlane


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