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Tidal – Tidal is a music app platform where artists and fans can experience music together. It has over a million songs, where fans can listen through a high-quality sound. Also, fans can go closer to their favourite artists, and they can discover new music which will be premium. They also offer concerts to merge fans and artists together through an event.

Apple Music – Apple music provides both iOS and Android to stream the music as a standard music player. In apple music, users can discover their artists and millions of songs easily. As it makes the user feel the ultimate music experience. Following the lyrics in the app itself, the user doesn’t seem effortless to stream the music and lyrics at the same time.

Spotify – This is the right music app for every moment on the phone or laptop or tab and more. In Spotify, one could find various tracks at their fingertips. They can find what they want to listen at the moment and the home screen in this app can personalize the artists, albums, podcasts and so on.

Google Play Music – If you want to listen to instant songs then you have to sign in by your google account. It also let’s one to browse music and stream various songs and artists according to the device compatible with the app. This app can access the location to play a song according to it.

YouTube Music – YouTube music is the most trending app around the globe. As YouTube will use your YouTube data in order to suggest the artists and songs which are popular. Just search the artist or song which you need to play. Like, other apps you can’t expect YouTube to run in the background. You need to open the app every time to play the songs continuously with no other disturbances.

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